Log a toner or service call

 Log a Toner or Service Call

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Meter readings

Meter readings are now mostly automated.  If yours are not, please contact us to find out how to automate your meter readings.


 Please use this form to provide feedback about our services.

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Support Videos

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Locked Printing

Equitrac Card Authentication

Create Presets

Streamline Release a Print

Equitrac Releasing Prints

Streamline Register a Card

Equitrac v4.2 - Release Print Job

Equitrac v4.2 - Registering a Card

Equitrac Card Authentication

Equitrac Scan to Me

Equitrac Scan to Email

Safecom V14 Card Authentication

Equitrac Copying

Streamline Copying

Scan to Folder

Safecom V14 Printing

Sort in Copying Mode

Equitrac v4.2 - Copying

Staple with Print

Safecom V14 Copying

1 - 2 Sided Copying

Scan to Email Shortcuts

Retrieving Documents

Sample Copying

Equitrac v4.2 - Use Scan to Me

Storing Documents

2 - 2 Sided Copying

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