• Accelerate business processes & increase productivity
  • Reduce costs of storing & retrieving content
  • Digitise barcoded paper documents
  • Increase document security with encryption
  • Protect sensitive information with redaction
  • Meet ISO 9000 compliance obligations

Related Software

Countless documents, such as invoices, receipts, planning documents and engineering change orders (ECOs) are generated throughout the manufacturing process, for every piece of equipment, part, and assembly. They must all be distributed, tracked, and archived, and integration with key human resources, supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise content management (ECM) processes and systems is essential. Copying, manually distributing, and sending documents overnight create a massive, inconvenient, and costly paper management problem. Smart solutions for document scanning, document management, OCR, and forms processing are required to regain control over paper-intensive processes.

Proof of Delivery Tracking

Accounts Departments are often buried in paper and when a customer proof of delivery or other backup document is required, it can take many minutes to locate, assuming it was filed correctly in the first place. Many hours of time spent searching in the archive room can be lost per week. Inefficient Proof of Delivery (POD) tracking can be the root cause of a number of problems facing manufacturers with high delivery volumes. Queries over non-delivery or incorrect delivery of goods should pose no problem if the POD information is captured immediately and stored for more effective processing. A copy of the POD should be to hand at all times, immediately retrievable by a simple search by customer, PO number, date or even value, enabling you to speed up invoice processing and handle queries more rapidly to improve cash flow and drive down costs. A paperless workflow benefits accounts departments and improves customer service levels.

Barcode Recognition

A Barcode Recognition Solution for routine document scanning tasks, such as naming, batching, splitting, and filing is essential to convert barcoded paper documents into digital format and index files by pulling together different barcode information. A simple process using data from multiple barcodes can achieve a correct indexing rate of over 96%. Integration of the Barcode Recognition Solution with existing systems ensures that previously scanned files can be retrieved easily, providing significant improvements in productivity. The high rate of accurate indexing reduces the need and cost of storage.

ISO 9000 Compliance

The emphasis on ISO 9000 quality-management standards creates an additional document burden. To achieve certification, manufacturers must collect, update, and share large libraries of ISO documents with single point access to the latest documentation, resulting in the demand for solutions that can:

  • Digitize and organize paper records
  • Eliminate offsite record storage
  • Secure manufacturing documents
  • Integrate with HRIS, SCM, and ECM systems
  • Create PDF files from any document
  • Convert PDF files in editable Microsoft Word documents

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