• Digitize and organise your paper records (with full cost-recovery/chargeback)
  • Eliminate off-site record storage
  • Secure client/case information
  • Create PDF files from any document
  • Convert PDF files in editable Microsoft Word documents
  • Eliminate retyping of information

Case Study

Paris Smith LLP:
Print Management, Cost Recovery, Document Management, PDF Manipulation, Batch and Ad Hoc Scanning Workflows

moore-blatchMoore Blatch:
Practise Management Systems, Document Management, Scanning and Digitalising of Incoming Post

blake-lapthornBlake Morgan:
Print Management, Cost Recovery, Reduce Print Costs, Roaming Print Service

Achieve exceptional efficiency, improve security and increase productivity

The ability to efficiently create and store paper documents is essential to minimize operating costs and maximize income, as staff resources continue to shrink. Even small private practices continuously generate a staggering amount of physical documentation and must provide exceptional customer service to their clients by maintaining security and confidentiality when sharing information. The management of documentation, evidence, depositions, filings and court proceedings leaves no room for errors or lapses in security or availability.

Document Imaging Solutions for Legal firms

Document Imaging solutions integrate document workflow, print management, and cost recovery. The productivity of legal professionals is increased wherever they work; document production costs are reduced and client-billable expenses are tracked to ensure complete cost recovery.

Legal Digital Mailroom

The management of vast amounts of paper documentation, evidence, statements, filings and court proceedings leaves no room for errors or lapses in security or availability for law firms.


Scanning automation to support e-Discovery

For effective and secure case management, highly sensitive data must be kept in a central location, searchable by keyword.


Automate matter-centric document management workflows

To leverage these systems, the eCopy ShareScan Suite gives legal support staff access to MFP scanning automation that reduces multi-step paper-to-digital and matter-centric filing workflows into one easy step.


Completely recover client expenses

Although a system maybe in place to capture recoverable expenses, every client output should be automatically and accurately captured, tracked, and allocated.


Reduce PDF licensing costs and automate legal PDF tasks

Advanced legal features include document compare, assembly, search and redact, metadata scrubbing, and much more.



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