• Accelerate workflows with SIMS integration
  • Track output from all printers & MFPs
  • Set & enforce quotas or pay-per-print programmes
  • Allocate printing costs to a specific department or grant
  • Discourage print waste & abuse, while enforcing rules for output
  • Enable authenticated printing via ID or matriculation cards

Case Study

Beaucroft School
managing and accessing increasing volumes of paperwork in any school environment is critical.

The Bourne Academy
improve productivity, accountablity and reduce the running costs

leaf-academyLeAF Academy
Cutting print costs by 40% in the first month

Improve all aspects of student life administration, application processing and enrolment

Processing high volumes of application forms and other documents involves time-consuming, manual processes with inherent delays and the risk of human error. In an increasingly competitive environment, the cost burden is unwelcome and can result in missed opportunities to generate revenue.

Using SIMS, teachers can access information, analyse and input pupil data through the use of integrated desktop tools. Real-time information must be maintained to support schools in conducting regular and comprehensive self-evaluations, target resources, support personal development, promote achievements and share good practice.

Integrating paper-based processes with Management Information System (MIS) ensures that information is automatically captured and indexed from documents and made immediately available to different people in different departments, to improve efficiency and cut overheads. The benefits can be seen across the entire educational operation, including student and staff administration, facilities and equipment management, record keeping, health and safety, and compliance enforcement.

Integrate document scanning and capture with MIS Workflows

Educational professionals can accelerate existing workflows with the touch of the "copy" button, and capture, convert, route, store, and manage their documents to increase productivity.


Control print costs and reduce waste with print management

Schools, colleges and education authorities can improve control over printer output, with a print management solution.


Security of student & financial information

Keeping documents secure is a constant challenge for all educational establishments, who preside over the details of thousands of students and staff, as well as large amounts of confidential research and financial material. Authentication features restrict unauthorised users from distributing student information and an audit trail maintains a transaction log of all email activity. The ability to track access and changes to all documents and redaction are key security features. For example, bundles of all relevant documents can be sent by email as one PDF to a local authority, with confidential information blacked out and encryption applied.

Compliance enforcement

Securely stored and traceable electronic information ensures the legal admissibility of all records. Auditable, rule-based workflows allow establishments to enforce best practice procedures and enable tracking and monitoring of documents against a range of compliance criteria.

Storage & disaster recovery

High volumes of paper documents and records need to be retained for long periods, making secure, classified electronic storage cost effective and productive. Electronic documents are text and index-field searchable, reducing the time spent filing and retrieving documents. Ultimately, the need for paper storage may be eliminated but in the short term, off-site electronic document storage strengthens business continuity strategies by ensuring all documents are digitised and archived off-site in the event of a disaster.


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