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Small firms to multi-office partnerships are likely to be based on electronic documents (probably on a network drive or scattered across laptops) with many other documents still ending up in conventional filing cabinets. Discovering information or content may be a problem, or could be a lot more efficient. Compounding the administrative burden is the importance of this information, reinforced by heavy regulatory obligations and scrutiny.

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Improve all aspects of student life administration, application processing and enrolment

Processing high volumes of application forms and other documents involves time-consuming, manual processes with inherent delays and the risk of human error. In an increasingly competitive environment, the cost burden is unwelcome and can result in missed opportunities to generate revenue.

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Achieve exceptional efficiency, improve security and increase productivity

The ability to efficiently create and store paper documents is essential to minimize operating costs and maximize income, as staff resources continue to shrink. Even small private practices continuously generate a staggering amount of physical documentation and must provide exceptional customer service to their clients by maintaining security and confidentiality when sharing information. The management of documentation, evidence, depositions, filings and court proceedings leaves no room for errors or lapses in security or availability.

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Insurance and reinsurance companies, agents, and brokers need a business-driven, customer-centric, knowledge-sharing culture that facilitates information flow throughout the insurance value chain, in a compliant manner. Reducing risk and avoiding regulatory action needs to be addressed while at the same time, increasing revenue. The volume of paperwork generated from insurance claims, policies, appraisals, and applications creates a challenge in efficiently tracking information. The lack of a consistent process for securely managing and disclosing information during policy creation puts the agency at high risk of over-exposure, potential legal disputes, and increases operating costs.

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Countless documents, such as invoices, receipts, planning documents and engineering change orders (ECOs) are generated throughout the manufacturing process, for every piece of equipment, part, and assembly. They must all be distributed, tracked, and archived, and integration with key human resources, supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise content management (ECM) processes and systems is essential. Copying, manually distributing, and sending documents overnight create a massive, inconvenient, and costly paper management problem. Smart solutions for document scanning, document management, OCR, and forms processing are required to regain control over paper-intensive processes.

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