• Accelerate capture of business critical information
  • Handle enquiries efficiently
  • Improve customer & supplier service
  • Reduce processing costs & errors
  • Reduce risk of compliance failure
  • Increase business productivity

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A digital mailroom powered by enterprise-level capture converts incoming documents, originating from mail, fax, email, multifunction peripherals (MFPs), web portals, or mobile devices and tablets—into structured electronic information, that feeds multiple business processes and systems across the enterprise.

Digital mailrooms connect the real world of people, paper and processes

Distributing incoming mail to departments, groups and individuals requires significant time and effort and leads to processing delays and routing errors. The speed of IT and the Internet enables paper and digital documents to be consistently handled together within a digital mailroom. The convergence of business pressures for cost saving and regulatory compliance has led to digital mailroom solutions; at the same time that key scanning recognition, indexing, storage and processing techniques have integrated and become easy to adopt and scale.

Beyond the Capture of Incoming Mail

Digital mailrooms automate the capture of all incoming mail, whether delivered on paper, in an email, via fax, or at the Point of Origination (MFP, web portal or mobile/tablet device), and deliver structured electronic information. In order to initiate or continue business processes, each mail piece is characterised by type and structured information is extracted and delivered in the correct format to the correct process. Manual processes for managing high volumes of information from a wide variety of sources are eliminated.

Rather than acquiring and automating document services in silos that are different for every location and application, users can guarantee service levels. Major savings are achieved through economies of scale, faster processes and by unlocking the potential of existing IT systems.

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