• Batch scanning of documents from an MFP, desktop or workgroup scanner
  • Import of documents from hot folder, FTP and Email
  • Separation of documents with blank pages, barcodes or by a set number of pages
  • Easy-to-use scanning interface effortlessly integrated with a user's desktop

Indexing and Export

  • Manual and meta data extraction via "key from image" or "point and click"
  • Tight integration with SharePoint, including retrieval of document libraries and properties
  • Documents and meta data are sent to the corresponding SharePoint library
  • Fast and secure document input into SharePoint

Scanning and document conversion from multiple access points

Capturing documents at the point of origination, from both paper and digital sources and delivering them directly into Microsoft SharePoint reduces manual processing; ensuring business critical information is readily available across the enterprise.

Storing digital files in SharePoint is easy but a complete Document Management System, including printed documents, such as contracts and business correspondence, must also be available for electronic search and retrieval.

Paper to SharePoint solutions enable organisations to easily scan paper documents, extract meta data for indexing, OCR and convert documents to searchable PDF or Office formats and input those into the corresponding document libraries in SharePoint.

Scan directly from MFPs or scanners into SharePoint

eCopy ShareScan and a networked MFP or scanner gives users a single process for sharing, searching, storing, and managing paper documents in SharePoint.

  • Scan, preview and send paper-based content directly to a SharePoint repository
  • Enable direct-to-location distribution of scanned documents
  • Enforce authentication and access rights
  • Support Sharepoint content types, metadata and workflows for accurate indexing of scanned documents
  • Provide immediate, online access to all information

Save PDFs from emails or create PDF files directly from your scanner or MFP

Files can be created directly from your scanner or MFP with time saving one-click scanning to PDF, with options to scan to standard image, searchable, or editable PDF formats. eCopy PDF pro is integrated with SharePoint, enabling enterprise users to work with their documents within a streamlined process, ensuring higher accuracy of information and improved business processes.

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