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Digital Mailrooms

A digital mailroom powered by enterprise-level capture converts incoming documents, originating from mail, fax, email, multifunction peripherals (MFPs), web portals, or mobile devices and tablets—into structured electronic information, that feeds multiple business processes and systems across the enterprise.

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AP and Invoice Processing

Paper invoices and manual processing continue to hamper accounts payable operations; keeping suppliers in the dark and failing to give finance the visibility it needs to actively manage the organisations' cash positions. Manual approval processes are often slow to occur, rife with mistakes and lacking in safeguards due to high volumes and limited resources. The end goal of automation is to drive savings through discount capture, penalty avoidance, and lower staff costs, while improving the speed of access to payables-related information.

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Capture Solutions for SharePoint

Scanning and document conversion from multiple access points

Capturing documents at the point of origination, from both paper and digital sources and delivering them directly into Microsoft SharePoint reduces manual processing; ensuring business critical information is readily available across the enterprise.

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