Forty hours a month have been saved by the property finance team at Paris Smith LLP by implementing HotDocs Document Assembly Software

About the Company:

Paris Smith LLP is one of the largest regional law firms in Central Southern England. As a full service law firm, Paris Smith have a clear vision of the future, and pride themselves on evolving to meet the ever-increasing demands and pressures of businesses and individuals alike.

Business Challenge:

The work carried out by the property finance team requires many documents and contracts  to be generated for each case. Some of the content of these documents is duplicated, with client details needing to be entered numerous times. Wherever data replication exists, productivity is impacted as well as the duplication creating an opportunity for mistakes and therefore risk. The nature of the work requires fastidious attention to detail and so the time involved in ensuring no errors occur is significant.

The challenge was to create an environment integrated with Microsoft Word whereby the process was simplified and risks eliminated. This would increase the capacity in the department and provide a faster document turnaround time.


Working closely with the partners at the firm, Copyrite implemented HotDocs to automate the creation of documents.

HotDocs effectively turns the repeated fields into a web-fillable form and automates the document generation, allowing the document owners to focus on the content rather than error checking those parts of the document that have been repeated.


As a result, these benefits have been achieved.

  • Increased productivity
  • Risk of inaccuracies has been eliminated
  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlining of processes
  • Time Saving

Since installation the process has been improved further by designing one central interview template, which incudes all potential questions, and further increases efficiency in that department.

HotDocs is easy to use and does not require a legal background. Once the documents are created they are sent to Worldox document management system for the solicitors to review and finalise

The plan is to roll out the solution to any department where the work follows a certain structure.

Practice Director, Alan Cousins, said: "Volume of work always poses challenges but a 40 hour saving per month for a team of 6 people has made a huge difference. We are now better positioned to handle greater volumes of work that can be completed with industry-leading accuracy and a process that guarantees the highest standards. We are looking forward to the solution benefitting the firm more widely as more staff move over to the new system."

Copyrite Director, Ben Summerfield, commented: "We are delighted with the results for Paris Smith so far. Our relationship with clients is always one of long-term partnership, to understand the business and add value. More than ever, it is crucial in business to maximise efficiency and streamline process. We are now working with Paris Smith to integrate the document generation with the document management system. This will further the time savings as well as creating a seamless, optimised process."

Download the full case study below


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