DG Law has improved response times, efficiency and security with Worldox Document Management System.

About the company:
A boutique law firm based in central London, DG Law helps individuals, directors and businesses to resolve - and avoid - legal problems.

Business Challenge:

Legal forms generate large amounts of paperwork where many documents are required to be kept for years. Paper was taking up valuable office space. Staff were hired just for filing. Searching for any information was inefficient.

Large amounts of information and documents were conveyed by emails which was hard to track. Information on clients and matters was held in different areas i.e. some electronic format, some paper format and some in email format.


A number of solutions were reviewed and Worldox Document Management was the best fit.

Worldox allows you to work flexibly with full integration with Microsoft Office including Outlook. All data for a particular client is in one place without the need to switch applications. Searching for documents is very easy and allows the fee earners to respond to queries immediately.

The need to review documents online was a concern. However this was easily fixed by fee earners having two or three large monitors. Worldox allows them to annotate the digital files which helps with reviewing and adding notes.

Every person in the office has a scanner which allows them to turn any incoming paper document into an electronic format as early as possible.

Since implementing Worldox the firm has realised many benefits:

  • No filing cabinets were taking up space in the new office. This allowed the firm to hire further staff without the need for larger premises
  • There was a significant saving in admin overheads as less time was spent filing, retrieving and searching paper files.
  • All paperwork is in one place, easily capturing out-going information which otherwise could be forgotten.
  • Better client service as response times have improved.
  • Print costs have decreased significantly as now they print as little as possible. Archive, storage and disaster recovery are part of the solution.


David Gordon, Director at DG Law, explained:
"We have used Worldox for a number of years now and it allows us to work more efficiently and improves our sustainability credentials. The form even won a Green Business Award.
We ahve looked at Practice Management software but felt it did not suit our working practices as typically it drives you down a particular process you could not easily deviate from. Worldox is more flexible which is needed as we run multiple practices. It will not prompt you for an action so you need to be aware of that, however it will not require extra steps or create unnecessary documents."

Ian Stewart, Director at Copyrite commented: "Worldox is a flexible legal document management system benefitting small to medium firms. Copyrite has recently launched a Worldox Cloud document management service in the UK which will make it even more attractive to small legal firms as there is no capital expenditure on IT hardware, only a monthly licence fee."

Download the full case study:

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