LeAF Academy has cut their print costs by 40% within the first month of working with Copyrite.

Leaf academy

About the Company

Bournemouth based LeAF Academy is a shared campus with common aims, creating a joint vision for acheivement and attainment.

It consists of Elm Academy, Oak Academy and LeAF Studio. The Academy was established in 2012 and provides education to over 1300 students.

Business Challenges

LeAF Academy needed to improve service, support and accountability of their print fleet. They had a large number of desktop printers, which were difficult and costly to maintain.

The Academy was spending large amounts on print every month. This was predominantly due to the following reasons:

  • It was not possible to monitor what was being printed and who was printing it
  • There were significant quantities of wasted paper
  • It was not possible to analyse trends between departments and sites

As the Academy offers innovative design technology courses there was a requirement to procure cutting edge 3D printers. A latest technology photo printer was also essential to support photography and media courses.


All printers have been consolidated into a mixture of various Ricoh MFPs (multi functional devices) and a few specialised printers. PaperCut was implemented as a print management solution in order to:

  • Understand how much was spent on print
  • Analyse print behaviour
  • Save paper and significantly reduce waste

Rules have been established to redirect large print jobs on to more cost-effective devices.

PaperCut keeps detailed print logs for all users' printing activity which helps to understand printing at all levels such as: by user, printer, group, department, office or a shared account.

All users have been trained on the new functionality and changes to their working practices.

The next step will be to start cross charging all departments including KS4. There are plans to integrate PaperCut with their newly implemented cashless payment solution which will allow them to use the same card for both systems.

Ricoh LEAPFROG 3D and CANON PIXMA printers have been supplied to help students complete their course work.


Phil Ford, Copyrite Director commented "The LeAF Academy selected Copyrite as a supplier for their print hardware, as they required a local, ethical and responsive partner. Copyrite has introduced a mixture of Ricoh MFPs and printers with PaperCut software. It has reduced paper wastage and increased security of student information."

Liam Deeney, IT Manager at the LeAF Academy explained, "The printer consolidation and introduction of PaperCut has been a great success as we reduced the cost of print by 40% within the first month. There will be further savings with more education of the users. Implementing the solution is forcing people to move to electronic workflows. In the past they would print everything out, now there is a cost to it so they are more selective about what they print.
We ran a full tender process and Copyrite was a clear winner. SLAs and the ability to deliver quickly were of great importance to us. I was very impressed Copyrite managed to implement the whole solution within only a few weeks."

At A Glance


  • Productivity & accountability
  • Control of print & administration costs
  • Large printer fleet
  • Requirement to support latest technology courses


  • Consolidation of printers into MFPs
  • PaperCut print management software
  • Project focused on educating users
  • Innovative specialised printers

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