Ben is engaged in an industry when the evolution of technology can make such a dramatic and positive impact on businesses large and small. Ben will assess the needs of a company, pinpoint the fastest route to delivery of a measurable ROI, which he thinks is enough to encourage anyone with an interest in business efficiency to get up early every morning.

Although Ben’s own interest in technology dates back many years, his education in the software application sector began in earnest when Ben was recruited and trained by Ricoh on behalf of Copyrite.

But developing successful solutions requires much more than an understanding of the technology. The process begins with a full understanding of the business needs and the ability to transform a concept into a technical solution. More than that, the process requires the ability to communicate complex technology in straightforward language which boardrooms and partnerships can understand.

At Copyrite, the software department which Ben manages, offers a full range of document solutions including Electronic Document Management, business process solutions, data capture and Copyrite’s own proprietary software.

Copyrite serve the needs of major corporates and SME’s and manage solutions that deliver scalability, efficiency and good working practice as well as fast ROI.

Ben has a personal perspective where he doesn’t believe in problems, only in challenges. And with technology becoming more affordable the opportunities for all businesses to benefit are greater than ever. For example, Ben has delivered solutions to mid-size SME’s that include data capture projects that cross-reference databases and integrate with archive and business applications.

Such projects represent the pinnacle of efficiency, expediting turnaround times on documents, eliminating much of the labour process and adding scalability while being compatible with the highest standards in risk management expectation.

So the future for all business lies in enhanced efficiency through applied technology. And that’s where Ben and his colleagues come in.

As much of their work necessitates a good understanding of project management, Ben is also PRINCE2 qualified.

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