Copyrite Green Office Top Tips

  • Digitise paper & store in a Document Management System
  • Introduce electronic workflows
  • Virtualize hardware
  • Consider Cloud Computing
  • Redesign Print policy using Print Management


  • Spend less on electricity
  • Increase security & reduce paper waste
  • Maximise efficiency & productivity
  • Reduce print costs
  • Promote Green credentials for competitive advantage

Copyrite charity for 2017

MS society

Copyrite are continuing to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society as their chosen charity for 2017.

Mike Baynham walked the whole of the SW coast path from Minehead to Poole to raise further funds for the MS Society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Copyrite is committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency and aims to embrace responsibility for the company's actions. We encourage a positive impact through our activities on the environment, customers, employees, communities and stakeholders.

Copyrite believes that social responsibility, environmental preservation and safety of our employees are core values of management.

Company compliance with applicable regulations is of paramount importance and a central business criterion. Sustainability compliance is owned by management and employees and should be systemic in the manner we conduct our business. We monitor and drive compliance efforts through awareness, self-assessments, audits and taking corrective actions as needed.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees and have a determination to continually improve, minimise environmental impacts and reduce the depletion of natural resources. Social and environmental goals are communicated to employees, revised as needed, and progress is measured and reported on regular intervals. Copyrite provides appropriate training and resources for employees to maintain responsible practices; the management team ensures these practices and principles are seen as a responsibility of all employees.

Corporate Responsibility & the Environment

As Copyrite’s business has grown, so has our responsibility to keep corporate responsibility at the forefront of operations. Running the business in an ethical manner comes naturally and we focus our efforts on three distinct areas: causes, environment and employees.

Environmental Policy


At its very core, Copyrite is about enabling technology to understand the impact of paper and the efficiencies of digital workflows. Reducing the dependency on paper is essential to preserving biodiversity and the world's forests. Our partner products are designed to use resources efficiently—minimising waste and reusing or recycling materials. We support all our partners in their commitment to the elimination of toxic materials and heavy metals from the product supply chain.


As a service provider, Copyrite strives to maintain a low impact on the environment and tries to minimise or mitigate any harmful effects from our activities. We currently have had no environmental fines or penalties of a material nature and manage our activities to maintain our clean regulatory record. Our environmental initiatives focus on three areas:

  • Energy use
  • Waste management
  • Business travel

Energy use is an important aspect of our business from both environmental and cost perspectives, and we strive to consume less and reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Monitoring power consumption with the goal of reducing power consumption by at least 1% each year over the previous year
  • Using materials from renewable resources that are non-toxic and recyclable

Waste management is a focus as our operations generate paper, plastic and metal waste, which we strive to consume less and recycle more to reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Reducing consumption of paper, plastic and metal by 1% each year over the previous year
  • Encouraging individual responsibility for recycling initiatives and providing recycling facilities for paper, printer toners, plastics and metal
  • Monitoring the purchase of cut sheet paper and defaulting printers/copiers to double-sided printing and photocopying
  • Using proper disposal for recycling of IT and electronic equipment in accordance with local legislation
  • Using appropriately licensed organisations to remove special waste (such as defective monitors or electronics)
  • Donating IT assets to those who would not otherwise have access

Business Travel is required to successfully operate our business and we constantly promote and implement measures to reduce our travel-related environmental impacts by:

  • Promoting teleconferencing and other collaborative working tools to limit the number of individual business trips
  • Enabling remote and virtual working for employees to reduce space requirements and commuting
  • Encouraging the use of public transportation, car pools, and other trip mitigation measures


Our people are the foundation for our cutting-edge technology and the respect among customers. It’s only right that we compensate them not just through competitive salaries and benefits, but also by providing the support needed to live a well-rounded life. Copyrite supports remote working arrangements and flexible schedules wherever possible as flexibility is a key benefit for our employees.

Our inclusive and diverse culture creates an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and collaboration, which benefits both our employees and our customers.

Copyrite's recent sponsorship of the Solent Sustainability Summit

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