A practical and sensible document management solution making the paperless office a reality. Document collaboration is much more fluid and information is more easily shared while document security and version control are not compromised.

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Worldox: Document Management System

Painlessly profiling information makes it accessible exactly when and where it’s needed and the options for profiling and organising documents are virtually infinite. Employees now follow simplified workflows using enforced rules ensuring that previously lost yet crucial documents now consistently appear when required.

  • All documents are stored digitally and firms can integrate all file access through a single interface. Document Management is centralised and completely controlled
  • Integration with standard applications including Microsoft Outlook ensures ease of use, increased productivity and enables collaboration throughout firms
  • Time is saved on switching between different programs and folders. Once converted to PDF, documents can be saved in the same location as the original version
  • Any document can be retrieved in seconds using a full content search, eliminating the costs for recreating content
  • Firms can respond rapidly to deal with customer issues and handle new business opportunities
  • Office space is created by reducing paper storage
  • Off-site storage costs are reduced
  • Scanning integration achieves cost savings by preventing lost documents and reducing wasted staff time. Scanned files can be saved and profiled immediately
  • Risk is reduced as document security is improved; fine-grained security settings are provided for individual documents, users, and groups
  • Audit trails ensure that all data can be tracked and remain confidential
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Worldox Cloud UK

Offers all Worldox functionality without the need to invest in expensive computer hardware or manage the document management system in-house. There is only a simple monthly fee.

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  • Data is stored in a secure datacentre in the UK
  • Securely access documents over any internet connection
  • Disaster recovery protection with automated, frequent backups
  • Firms can respond rapidly to deal with customer issues and handle new business opportunities
  • Scaleable implementation lets firms readily add or remove users as needed.
  • Expert technical support delivered by Copyrite's dedicated helpdesk
  • Support is included in your monthly subscription cost.
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