Document automation software – a stack of technologies that enable the transformation of Word documents and PDF forms into dynamic templates that can be deployed in any environment, including desktop, on premise and in the cloud.

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HotDocs – the global leader in document automation technology

When generating documents a HotDocs user is presented with an intelligent questionnaire that, when completed, customises the document by inserting and formatting variable information.  HotDocs inserts the correct conditional clauses, the right pronouns and verbs, complex numerical calculations and a range of other variables that result in a perfectly executed document.

Used widely by banks, insurance companies, law firms, government agencies and enterprises of all sizes, the many benefits of HotDocs include:

  • Reducing risk – vastly decrease risky mistakes stemming from human error
  • Aiding compliance – enforce compliance with internal and external policies by automating the process
  • Creating efficiency – drastically reduce the time spent in document production and see impact on the bottom line

HotDocs integrates with any other application to bring powerful document automation into wider business process systems, such as BPM, document management or CRM.







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