Why Cayto CRM?

In the very competitive markets of today, the companies that actively manage their customer relationships are more likely to succeed.

We see higher rates of adoption of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems than ever before; especially among SMEs.

The array of CRM systems available is considerable; it can be bewildering tracking down a solution that fits with the way your business works. Often you can be faced with the prospect of having to change tried and tested processes.

What is Cayto CRM?

Utilising its excellent workflow capabilities and intuitive layouts, Microsoft SharePoint has been developed a stage further in an effective CRM system that can be as simple or as complex as required. From client management, standard quotation templates, sales order processing, delivery and service management to dashboard reporting, forecasting and much more, Cayto is always an excellent fit.

Delivered as a hosted solution where licenced users can access the secure system from a web browser wherever they have connectivity.

Cayto is customised to our clients' exact business requirements. This means that you pay for and use 100% of the software solution as opposed to using a small percentage of the offering which is often the case with standard CRM products.


Increased Efficiency

A CRM system can replace manual processes that create significant organizational inefficiencies. It can also integrate with marketing automation tools which allow companies to interact with their customers without extra resources.

Data Analysis

For any company, data is one of the most valuable assets, and CRM systems manage some of the most valuable information. Once data is analysed, it can provide huge insights into customer behaviour, highlight issues and identify new sales opportunities.


When companies do not properly manage their customer relationships, some customers can be neglected resulting in loss of business. CRM will make sure any issues are identified by adding a layer of accountability to the process.

CRM helps employees across all departments to understand their responsibilities to customers throughout the customer lifecycle. It's easy to identify what went wrong and where and ensure it doesn't happen again.

Better Collaboration

Some companies still use tools like spreadsheets or paper records to manage their customer data. This is typically managed by an individual and is hard to share.

CRM allows for collaboration by all departments who deal with customers including sales, delivery and service teams. It shows the complete view of the client at any point in time.

Most important - Improved customer experience

The use of CRM in a company leads to a better overall customer experience.

Customers are easily and accurately sorted and grouped, their needs identified and tracked. This leads to meaningful interactions at the right time, resulting in more sales and higher customer retention and satisfaction.

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